How China Labor Watch calculated Pegatron Workers’ overtime hours?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

First, as the picture shows, Pegatron’s pay stubs explicitly indicate when the overtime hours are worked, categorized as: regular workdays, weekends, or holidays, and how much the overtime pays are for each category.



Then, according to Chinese labor law, we can get the rates for different categories of overtime, as shown below:

Overtime Rates of Pegatron Workers by Category

Overtime Categories

Overtime Rates

Regular overtime

1.5*regular rate

17.4RMB/hour (2.69USD/hour)

Weekend overtime

2*regular rate

23.2RMB/hour (3.59USD/hour)

Holiday overtime

3*regular rate

34.8RMB/hour (5.38USD/hour)

Take the pay stub above for example, the worker’s overtime hours in October 2015 was:

Total overtime hours= regular overtime pay/1.5*regular rate + weekend overtime pay/2*regular rate + holiday overtime pay/3*regular rate

                                 = 565.95/17.4+1427.93/23.2+278.62/34.8

                                 = 32.53+61.55+8.00

                                 = 102.08 (hours)